The Tale of a Mothers Journey to finding a Healthy Lifestyle.


Once Upon a time……..
There was this mommy who was unhappy, over weight & depressed. She had stopped caring about her body & herself, because she felt like her kids needed all her attention. She was so overwhelmed by all the weight she had gained from pregnancy & post pregnancy that she found comfort in food. She was to busy to cook, so she opted to feed herself and her family with fast food.

In 2011, she have birth to her second child & weighed in at 200lbs. Keep in mind her newborn only weighed 5lbs 5oz at birth. This was not baby weight, it was FAT. Roaming around on Pinterest one day, she came across this picture of a beautiful fit women in workout clothes & boxing gloves. She thought, ” wow, she is strong, confident, sexy & successful.”

So she took that picture & replicated it. She decided that she no longer wanted to be a victim of her own story, she wanted to be the hero. She asked her husband to take a picture of her resembling her goal photo, the sexy confident women with boxing gloves. As she stood there, in what seemed like nothing, she put her head down in shame & embarrassment as her husband took the picture. This was the day that reality hit & she knew her life was going to change.

She set out on a mission
to learn about nutrition & fitness that day, from that day forward she never looked back.

She now lives Happily Ever After.


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  1. Marisol Herrera January 9, 2015 — 6:24 pm

    Hi Alex, I emailed you about a month ago inquiring about online coaching because I didn’t have a babysitter and etc………… It took me a while to accept that those reasons were only excuses. This past month I decided to change my eating habits and so far I have lost 10lbs. I’m still not completely satisfied, but I don’t know what else to do in order to loose 10 more lbs. I need your help! I want to join your classes I can do MW.

  2. Trying to register and the birth date section keeps giving me an error

  3. Still have you on my wish list :)…

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