Choose Your Hard

Anything and everything in life is hard, its the type of hard situation that you choose that defines your health and physical appearance. I choose the type of hard that will make me loose and maintain my appearance, attitude and health. For the last two weeks I have got a pretty great workout routine down. I am up at 4:30 am to get ready to head to my 5:15 kickboxing class tuesday through friday, Saturday’s my class starts @ 8am and Sundays at 10am. This class is just AH-MAZING! I am so happy that my hubby finally just gave in and bit the bullet on the cost. Sure, it’s more expensive to go to my kickboxing class than it is to a regular gym, but I can tell you that it is so much cheaper than having to pay a personal trainer. A personal trainer chargers either per session or if your lucky you will find one that charges for every 4 sessions. Either way the cost per session is an estimate of $50 a session. Let me see, 50×4=$100. Okay that doesn’t sound to bad, but I am sure I need more than 4 sessions to see any kind of results. So lets say I take 4 sessions once a month, that’s 100×12=1200 a year. WWHHHAT, $1200 dollars a year? I pay half that a year at my kickboxing class for the year and I can go 7 days a week. I’m not say to go out and find a kickboxing class, but I do recommend to try everything possible. This will help you find what type of exsercise  works for you. And by finding something that works for you exercising will no longer be a chore but instead an enjoyable obsession.

That would have been a great note to end on but I haven’t finished telling you my weekly workout routine. So, I workout at the gym 4-6 days a week, but on top of that my friend Jolene and I have decided that we want to work on our running skills. We never consider ourselves runners but we figure, what the heck, if we practice we can eventually run longer than 2 minutes. Running has alway been something on my bucket list, I would love to run a triatholion one day, but I will start slow and train to run a 5k by the end of this year. Our running is usually once or twice a week at 6:30am and usually on saturdays and sundays. Talk about the days when everyone is out driving around and watching us run as they pass us by.  Ya, my stomach may be jiggling and I may be huffin and buffin while getting my run on, but hey, at least I am ahead of the person still on the couch.

I know this sounds liked a crazy workout schedule but if I want results faster, I have to work harder.

Thanks for reading.


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