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Have you ever watched those shows where a fitness coach goes to someone’s house to transform their life from unhealthy to healthy & fit? Well, the first thing the coach does is go into that persons kitchen and remove all the nasty, unhealthy junk they have in their refrigerator and cabinets. I thought to myself if I am going to really make a change, drastic measurures needed to be taken. So, I took inventory of everything I had in my kitchen, I needed to know what I had to keep and to get rid of the rest that was junk.
When I say I took inventory of my kitchen, I mean just that. I wrote down everything that was in my panty, refrigerator and freezer. As I was taking inventory of my kitchen/ eating items I was reading the ingredients on every label. I haven’t learned to read the labels completely, but I do know a few things. Throw it away if you can’t pronounce the name of the ingredient, I tossed everything that contains soy, artificial sweeteners or high future corn syrup.  By taking inventory of my kitchen it helped me to do two things: get rid of the junk and to know what I had, so I don’t purchase things that I don’t need. This way I can save money and  stop treating my body like a trash can. It was very liberating and motivational.
Okay, I know I am a few days late but here are my measurements.
right thigh-23.5

left thigh-24.25

left arms-12

right arm-12.25

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Keep it up

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