Encouragement, Or Lack There Of

My family just doesn’t understand. Why is getting fit and healthy such a taboo? Every time I bring up anything related to nutrition or fitness I feel like I am being judged, eyes are rolling and I am looked at like I am crazy to want to change my body or my life. I wish the people close to me, i.e. my family, would just say a few words of encouragement. I want to change my body and life so bad, more then I have ever wanted it before. Why can’t they see that?

Oh well, maybe my parents don’t get it, but at least my hubby does. Thank GOD I have a cheerleader so close to me. At least for me, having a cheerleader helps, I get that extra push I need. For instance, if you were running a race and the finish line was just a few feet away but you felt like you had nothing left to give, and you were ready to give up, suddenly, you hear a voice from the crowd yelling, ” COME ON, YOU CAN DO IT, KEEP GOING, YOUR DOING AMAZING AND YOUR ALMOST DONE.” WOW, the power of words. With just a few words of encouragement like that, I would be able to pull that last bit of energy out from deep inside and finish the race strong. I encourage you to find your cheerleader and keep them close, your progress may count on them. Yes, I know you should be able to do this on your own, but for most of us it helps to have someone in the stands cheering us on, at least at the begining. Now, if you can do it on your own, I applaud you, because I have tried many times before to lose weight when no one was supporting or encouraging me and I failed everytime time. Now, I am not saying that you will need your cheerleader forever, maybe you will, I don’t know, but at least at the beginning it helps. You will need one when it’s really hard to get out of bed, to take the first step out the door, or drive your butt to the gym. Maybe once you start to see the results from all the work you have been putting in, these results and changes will become the encouragement you once needed from someone else, and you will be able to be your own biggest cheerleader so, IGNORE THE HATTERS, find your cheerleader, whether it be yourself or a friend or family member, and push yourself to your limit.

If you have friends or family that are interested in changing their lives and want to get healthy, but you guys are not able to talk or hangout all the time I recommend you and them sign up for an app called MyFitness Pal. It is an amazing app that will help you keep up on your food intake, but it can also link you to friends who use the app as well. There is a news feed within the app that will show you how much your friends burn and what type of excise they did to burn that amount of calories along with how much weight they have lost. I love this because I am a very competitive person, and if I see that a friend of mine burned x amount of calories, I want to burn more. So maybe it could be a great way to start a biggest loser game between you guys. The app also contains a message board, which is one of my favorite features. You can keep each other motivated with positive inspirational words when you see that they are doing great or losing weight. My other favorite part of this app is that it tells you when a friend has not logged in and and that they may need some encouragement. LOVE IT! I believe that everyone needs encouragement and by this app telling me I am able to be my friends cheerleader when they need me.

Find me on MyFitness Pal: agarzaro

Thanks for reading.


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