SA (Soda’s Anonymous)

Hi, my name is Alexandrea Garzaro and I have been sober for 6 weeks now. It was very difficult at first, because I absolutely love pepsi. I was addicted to pepsi for about 24 years now, and every time I could get my hands on one I would. And I would not just stop at one cup, I would seriously drink cup after cup because I had no limit. Once I decided that I was going to eat clean, I have sober up and have given up pepsi along with my other addiction of ice tea with two sweet in lows. At first, I thought switching from pepsi to ice tea was an improvement and for sure I would start to lose weight, but, boy was I wrong. I didn’t realize that I was drinking so much sugar and that my liver was over working itself and instead of helping my body get rid of fat it was trying to protect my body by storing more fat. WWHAAT, I know crazy right, in order for me to understand how to lose weight I had to go back to anatomy class.

If you don’t know what I am talking about, I will give you a brief 101 of the liver. Our liver is a filtration system for our bodies, it sorts through all the foods and fluids that we intake. It’s mission is to remove any toxins that are bad for our bodies and supply the body with the good nutrients. So it takes proteins, fats and carbs and coverts them into energy & nutrients for our bodies. But if we are over eating and drinking liquids that contain larges amounts of crap like sugar the bile that is supplied by our liver to break down the bad crap has to work over time. Now there is only some much our little liver can do, and no matter how hard our liver works it cant keep up. So it’s unable to break down all the bad crap and instead has to store it somewhere in our bodies, and for me, that dump yard would be my stomach.

So, for me I don’t really count my calories, I count my sugar intake. I don’t want to give my liver more than it can handle. Now of course I still try and consume no less than 1200 calories a day, because after all I don’t want my body to go into starvation mode and try and store unwanted bad fat. I have found it really challenging to do this, because just about everything contains sugars except meats and greens. Well what do you know, the things that I should be eating anyways.

(American Heart Association (AHA) recommends how much sugar per day we should take, the recommended daily sugar intake, which is healthy and not harmful for the body, has been developed for men and women. How much sugar per day should we take: )

  • Recommended Daily Sugar Intake for Men: 36 grams or 9 teaspoons  
  • Recommended Daily Sugar Intake for Women: 20 grams or 5 teaspoons  
  • Recommended Daily Sugar Intake for Children: 12 grams or 3 teaspoons  

Now keep in mind that this level of sugar intake recommended by AHA is for those who don’t exsercise. I have found that the more exercise I do, the high my sugar intake should be. So once again I would recommend creating a MyFitness Pal account because it will calculate your recommended intake for you based off your exercise for the day.

Be sure to befriend me @ MyFitness Pal:agarzaro

Thanks for reading.


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