My Act of Motivation



Yesterday I set a goal to encourage and motivate a fellow gym mate. It was a tough workout morning, we had to go outside and run suicides for our burn, if you didn’t finish your suicide you had to do 15 push-ups. Now, that doesn’t sound like a lot but when you are constantly punching a bag and than running you are out of breath and your arms are weak. Anyway, I was able to complete the suicides with no problem, a miracle in itself, but as I finished and the bell rang I noticed an older gentleman who is over weight and was struggling to finish the suicides, his name is Marty. So, I decided that the next burn I would wait for Marty and try and push him through the suicide. Therefore, if he didn’t finish, I wouldn’t finish, and we would both have to do push-ups. I know this sounds crazy, why would I want to do extra push ups when I was already dripping in sweat and my legs and arms were shaking. Well, I believe they call it sportsmanship, the idea that you don’t leave a team mate behind and alone. So the bell rang to begin the burn and I waited for Marty at the starting line and as he walked up  I told him,”you ready, no more push-ups,” he smiled and says, “yes.” As we were running from line to line I was telling Marty, “come on, push yourself,” “we got this,” remember, contrail your breathing, in through your mouth out through your nose.” We finished the suicide right before the bell went off. I high fived him and said, “great job, something next time.” We ran the suicides together for the remained of the class. After we had finished the last suicide, Marty thanked me and said he really appreciated my encouragement, it really helped him push himself and not give up.

What was your act of motivation?

Thanks for reading, can’t wait to read your story.


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  1. You’re doing great Alex!! I love working out with other people. Just to give them the extra push and get that extra push. It keeps you motivated!

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