Horrible Week

So I had the worst week ever, when it came to my eating. I found myself going back to my bad habits and taking the easy road to food. I ate out 3 times this past weekend  and they were all horrible foods to go back to. First I started off by having a single slice of Little Caesar pizza and I told myself that it was fine to treat myself once in awhile. While than two days later I found myself eating panda express, orange chicken and steamed rice, at least I had steam rice and not fried right? Ya, well that’s what I told myself after I indulged in my guilty pleasure. Than, I did it, the cherry on top of the cake, I had a pepsi. I think out of all the bad eating I did this week the pepsi was the worst thing I could have had. It has over 100 grams of sugar, O M G! I couldn’t believe it, over 100 grams of sugar, that’s my sugar intake for a whole week. My little liver will be working overtime this weekend.

I vow I will not have another pepsi until I get down to my goal weight and than, maybe, I will treat myself. But until than I am swearing off pepsi and any other soda products. I will not let this week define me or discourage me, I will have self control and not binge.

So, I haven’t keeper my promise of a weekly weigh in so I thought I would update my weights and measurements now/

That’s 1lbs down from my last weigh in 10 days ago and a total of 9lbs since I started 45 days ago.

chest- 39.25: .5 inches lost

waist-33.75 1.5 inches lost
hips-39: .5 inches lost
right thigh-22: 1.5 inches lost

left thigh-23.15: 1.1 inches lost

left arms-11.5: .5 inches lost

right arm-11.75: .5 inches lost

Thanks for reading.

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