Fitness is a science, not magic.

I have been training for 51 days now and I had the horrific week last week, so I took so time to get things together. I have found that I need to give myself a goal. What I want to weigh or accomplish by a certain time and than I have to figure out how I am going to meet that goal.


Now my ultimate goal would consist of losing 2lbs a week, hard core right? So I did some calculations, if it takes burning 3500 calories a week to lose one pound than in order to lose two pounds a week I would need to burn 7000 calories a week. O M G, sounds crazy right? No, not really, buying 7000 calories a week is totally do able , I would need to burn 1000 calories a day. Now in order for me to burn 1000 calories a day I would need to workout for at least 2 hours a day buying 500 calories each hour. I can do that, but I think I want to start a little slower, after all I have two babies at home and I don’t want to set my goal to high and get disappointed or discouraged. So I will start with losing a pound a week.

Now I have 3 goal weights: first gaol weight is 145, I can be happy with that put not satisfied, my second is 135, I can be satisfied with that but not proud and my ultimate gaol weight is 125 I can be all of the above with this weight, as long as I am defined and toned. I don’t want to be skinny fat. I chose this weight because I was my happiest at this weight and I loved the way I looked, not skinny, not fat, just right.

Now, I know muscle weighs more than fat and the number on the scale doesn’t define me, I define me. But the number on the scale is motivation, it increase ambition and determination. To know that your handwork is paying off and the clothes hidden in the back of your clothes that you haven’t worn since high school, should be pulled out and tried on. In order for me to meet my first goal of 145, I would need to lose a pound a week for 7 weeks. Than it would take me 10 weeks to meet my second goal and another 10 weeks on top of that 10 to reach my ultimate goal. So lets add that up, it will take me 27 weeks to meet my ultimate gaol weight and I would have needed to burn 94,500 calories. i  will achieve this goal by November 15th 2012.

If I look at things like this instead of on a day to day bases, I can take control of my weight loss and it will take control of me. What’s your goal?


Thanks for reading.


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  1. Angie Castruita July 3, 2012 — 12:11 am

    So it looks like we are going to Vegas in Novemeber!!!

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