Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day to all of you, I have found my independance away from my fat and it had been a great revaluation. I have been working so hard, that the last two weeks of June I was going to the gym twice a day, four days a week. I was hoping to get into the 140’s before July came around but I did not trump my goal. However, since today was going to my official weigh in along with my measurements, I have some amazing news. Today is the day that I am officially in the 140’s for my weight. What an exciting moment, I couldn’t believe it. I checked the scale 5 times just to make sure. This is such an amazing victory that I couldn’t see coming. I am so thankful that I decided to get off the coach and not except my weight at what it was. This is just the being of where i want to be. Here are my results so far. Pictures will follow.
I started my journey before I started my blog, So my official starting weight was 164.
                    June 5, 2012      June 16, 2012       July 4, 2012
  • Weight-          158                  154                       149
  • chest-             39.5                 39.25                    37.75
  • waist-             35.25               33.75                     32.5
  •  hips-              39.5                 39                          37.5
  •  right thigh-     23.5                 22                           23
  • left thigh-        24.25              23.15                      23.5
  • left arms-        12                   11.5                        11.75
  • right arm-       12.25              11.75                       12
Thanks for reading.

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