Life after Kickboxing

I am sad to say that my kickboxing contract is over on the 21st of September. It has been my main source of cardio and just plan fun fitness. I am sad to not be renewing but I am excited for my new challenge. My husband and I have decided that we are going to begin the Insanity program on the 21st of September. I am looking forward to the challenge everyone I have talked to said that it a very intense cardio workout & you see results without even making any eating changes. I will post a before picture once we begin the program.

On top of my Insanity challenge I will also be incorporating a 12-week workout program to gain sexy muscle & curves that I found on under the female fitness bible. The weight truing is four days a week with what seems like a very easy routine to follow and Insanity is 6 days a week. They are both 60 day programs and I am prey that I don’t kill myself but I feel like I can handle the challenges together. I will keep you updated on the progress.

I invite you to really challenge yourself with your fitness, it may seem hard but your mind will give up before your body does.


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