How Embarrassing!

When I hit the gym, I hit the gym hard. I always want to look & feel like a bad ass. I am constantly picking someone out in the crowd and privately competing against them. I do this especially in my kickboxing class, so the other day I pick out this really fit girl. She seemed very strong and a great competitor. She was a beast, she was first at everything we did, especially our quarter mile sprints. I wanted so bad to beat her, so on our next quarter mile sprint I was going to give it everything I had.

Surprise, our quarter mile sprint was switched to a back peddling quarter mile. I told myself, “OKAY, I got this!” I was in the zone and I felt the speed beneath my feet. I was half way to the dead end and was in second place behind this guy. YES! I was going to beat her this time. WHAT! Oh, no! I was so in the zone that I wash’t watching were I was placing my feet. I suddenly felt my right ankle twist and I began to go down. PLOP! I went down in front or should I saw behind everyone. I feel directly on my elbows and as nice as it was, the guy that was in first place yelled out, “are you okay?” I wanted to die as I yelled back, “Ya, I’m fine.” My heart sunk, I could believe it. I was beyond horrified and so embarrassed. I got up and finished my quarter mile back peddling, however, my elbows were completely beat up and bleeding. I tried to continue my kickboxing class but I could’t even complete a full up down drill. I was done for the day. I have never left a class or workout, but my pride got the best of me, I packed up my things and left the class. I think my pride was hurt more than my elbows.

I know this is so silly but the point of this is to not let your pride or embarrassment get to you. You may not be the strongest or fastest person in the gym, yet! Don’t let your physical appearance, mentality or just plan pride keep you from getting the body and life you deserve. Keep going, even with the scares and bruises from your fall. Always remember fall seven time,get up eight times. Just because I have a sprained ankle, busied and cut up elbows didn’t stop me from show up and do it all over the next day.


Tell me about your embarrassing gym moment.




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