Entrée One:Orange Chicken

 I absolutely LOVE panda express orange chicken! Buuutttt, since I am watching what I am eating now I needed to find a substitute for my asian craving. Low and Behold I found my replacement at Trader Joe’s. Trader Joe’s orange chicken is amazing and the flavor is almost similar to panda express. Best part is that you can keep it in your freezer and can have it at anytime of day.

Panda Express                 Trader Joe’s

Serving Size                     5.7oz                               8oz

Calories                            420                                190

Calories from fat               180                                 60

Totoal Fat                         21g                                 7g

Saturated Fat                   4g                                  1.5g

Cholesterol                      95mg                             60mg

Sodium                           620mg                            270mg

Total Carb                         43g                                16g

Sugars                            18g                                  7g

Protein                             15g                                14g


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