Beans, Beans, The Magical Fruit

Beans are a great way to keep your belly full and your calories low. According to WebMD, beans have just as many calories as meat , however, our body digest meat & beans very differently. Meat is digested very rapidly, whereas, beans are digested slowly. Therefore, since it takes our bodies longer to digest beans we maintain a full belly much longer. This allows more time in-between meals and lowers are calories intake.

Besides, keeping our bellies fuller longer, beans also provide our bodies with fiber. One cup or 2/3 of a can of beans contains 12g of fiber, which is nearly 1/2 of the recommended daily intake of fiber. What an amazing fruit!

Bowl of the Magical fruit

I love cooking beans and veggies, this is the fastest meal I can make and it is so delicious.

You can make your own pot beans, but I just don’t have that kind of time so I use canned beans. It doesn’t matter what type of beans you use black, pinto or garbannzo beans these veggies are yummy with all.

1 can of beans (choose what ever bean you like)

1 tbp of cocoanut oil

2 slices turkey bacon

1 large tomato

2 steams of green onion

1/2 an avocado (optional)

2 tbs shredded cheese (optional)

Chop the slices of bacon, tomatoes and green onion into small squares.

Boil the beans in a pot, while the beans are boiling put the bacon pieces into a pan with 1 tbs of cocoanut oil.  Let the bacon brown or cook a little longer if you like crispy bacon. Than add the tomato green onion and avocado. Let cook for a few minutes. Once everything is done put the beans into a bowl add the veggies on top and top with cheese.


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