Shopping Denial

I am in complete shock over my first shopping experience since I have lost my last 25 pounds these past five months. Let me just tell you how it all went down.

My grandma came over and was telling me how she was down a few pounds and her pants were not fitting her anymore. She mentioned that she was going to go shopping, so I asked her if she wanted to try on some of my old stuff before she went. Well, lets just say three trash bags later my grandma no longer needed to go out shopping. She took my old dress pants, jeans & workout clothes. I was seriously left with nothing after she went shopping in my closet. As grandma’s do, she said that she would take me shopping for some new stuff, since she took everything I had.

We get to Express and I was so excited because they were having 30% off their sale items. I found these dress pants that I couldn’t resist, so I grabbed a size 6 & an 8 in these pants and headed to the dressing room. I get to the fitting room and what the heck, both pants were rediciously big. Okay, I am sure a 4 will fit, I run out to and grab a 4 head back to the fitting room and…….Still too big. I was in utter shock, there is no way I could fit into a size 2, I mean I haven’t been a size 2 since my sophomore year of high school. In complete shock I head to the fitting room with a size 2, OMG, the 2 fit perfectly.

I had been so big for so long that it was difficult for me to see myself as anything but a 10 or an 8 in clothing. I waited so long to get new clothes that I complete skipped a medium and went into a small. I am so happy that I did not wait to get my butt in gear.   This is the beginning of the body that I truly deserve and desire. There is no stopping me now.


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