Inspiration from a Fitness Victory

I never thought that I could be a runner. I would read about all these people running marathons at 26.2 miles or even 3 miles and I just thought that was crazy. How could they run so much? I always told myself that I could never be that person. I mean running one mile was a mission for me. At least that was up until two days ago, on October 30th, the day I decided I was going to run 3 miles. It took me 37.25 to run 3.1 miles. A small victory! Today I decided that I wanted a 3 mile run to be my warm up, so I ran 3 miles again today and than hit the weights. Today it took me 40 minutes to run 3.5 miles, beating my first 3 mile time. I am beyond excited, I was totally having a Rocky moment in my head at the end of my run, my hands raised in the air pumping up & down.

It is very heart breaking when no one in my family understands this victory for me. When I tell them about it they just shrug it off and change the subject. But it’s not really their faults, I don’t think they understand this triumph because they have never attempted distance running. So I will have to surround myself with other runners who understand. I will not let others bring my down.

I am so pumped about becoming a distance runner that I have given myself some goals.

1. Run 8 miles as a warmup before January 1, 2012

2. sign up for 3, yes I said 3, obstacle course runs.

a. Super Spartan

b. Tough Mudder

c. Volkslouff

3. Run a Full Marathon 26.2 miles by January 1, 2014

Have you ever been so excited about a fitness victory? What did it inspire you to do?


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