New Year New Me

I am so excited to start this amazing year. Not only has my body been transformed but I find that with this physical change has brought out so much positivity in me spiritually and mentally. This is going to be an amazing year!

My Resolutions for this year include a number of things. One, I am going to run and finish a half marathon. I am hoping to be selected for the Nike one in San Francisco but if not I will just choose a different one at random. Two, I want to compete and finish a Spartan Race. The Spartan Races just seem so BEASTLY, I can’t help but want to say, “I did that.” Three, I would love to help someone get motivated and accomplish their fitness goal. I feel that it is only right that I pay it forward. No one was there to encourage me at the beginning of my journey and let me tell you, some days, especially at the beginning that encouragement, commitment to each other and motivation is much needed. And lastly, I am going to clean up my eating completely, not just for me but my entire family as well. We will eat clean and train dirty as a family!

What is your Resolution(s)?






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