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I figure, if you are going to like my page or have me as your coach you should know, I have been there. I know what you are going through. How hard it can be to wake up every morning and workout, to choose veggies over pizza and water over soda. I started this page to help others but to also help keep myself accountable. I look forward to our journey together. Here is to us and not choosing a diet but changing our lives.

I started my journey weighing in at 180 pounds, I was a size 14 in bottoms and XL in tops and that was it, I decided that I was tired of being over weight and unhappy. So, I started my journey to a better lifestyle with the Beachbody program Turbo Fire in November 2011 and during the same time I also incorporated Shakeology into my daily nutrition. Between November 2011 and June 2012 I had dropped 22 pounds and was so excited. Turbo Fire and Shakeology inspired me to get active and to begin learning about nutrition and what I was putting into my body. As I began to educate myself on nutrition and continue my commitment to fitness, I began to see a different side of me. A happier, healthier, more outgoing me, this girl was always in me but hidden by the 45% body fat.I have fallen in love with FITNESS. I love every type of fitness there is: weight training, circuit training, running and all the Beachbody products. I hit the gym every morning, 6 days a week, and I have run more miles between January 2013 and now than I have in my whole life. As an athlete I love incorporating all the training I have learned into each of my daily workouts, especially Insanity exercises. I will try an do double workouts as much as possible and my evening workout of choice right now is Insanity. As a wife and a mother of two ah-mazing little boys, Beachbody products have made it so easy for me to not make excuses. I believe the gym is wear you sweat and sometime my home is my gym, thanks to Beachbody.As for my nutrition I am or try to be all about clean eating, meaning no sugars, white flours, processed foods or artificial ingratiates. As a busy mom sometimes it is always difficult for me to get in a balanced meal, so I just make myself a Shakeology shake and get my day in motion.

eat clean
 I do not believe in limiting myself and I am always up for a challenge.My goals for 2013 are:Complete Insanity-Asylum

Complete Beast Body

Run and complete a Half Marathon

Have my sons run in a Kids Run

Get Insanity Certified

Get certified as a Personal Trainer

Thanks for taking the time to read.

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