My Transformation Story



At the time I delivered my second child I weighed 200 pounds. I know this is a ridiculous number for anyone but even more so for me, since I am only 5 feet 1 inch tall. Can you say umpa lumpa! I belonged in Charles Factory but I was denied membership cause I would have eaten all the chocolate 🙂

I was so miserable in my own skin that i became such an introvert, I hated to leave the house. I mean I wore a size 14 pants and an XL large shirt, I shopped in maternity sections for the cute clothes. This is so sad when I look back on it. Watching my friends start to drop their baby weight was so hard for. I had no determination or will power to get started, but one day that all changed, something inside me snapped. I wanted and needed a change. I weighed 180 when I decided it was time for a life change, I wasn’t sure what to do or how to get started so I ordered Turbo Fire and Shakeology because a friend of mine lost her baby fat using these beachbody products. By the end of the program I had dropped 22 pounds and 4% body fat.This was just the beginning for me.
As I was learning and researching about getting fit and changing my lifestyle I started a kickboxing class to keep me motivated and excited about fitness. Within 6 months of dedicating myself I had dropped another 20 pounds, in September of 2012 when my kickboxing contract had ended I weighed 137 pounds. This was great, but not good enough. I still had 36% body fat and I knew that I was capable of more change.

I signed up for a gym membership in August, a month before my kickboxing membership ended. I knew that if I did not keep up my routine I would lose it.  So the gym it was. I had very little knowledge on weight lifting or what I was supposed to do to change my body. However, I knew that if I wanted an amazing body, like the ones you see in fitness magazines, I needed to lift weights. So by trail and error and a lot of courage I learned how to use the weight machines and free weights. The good thing is that my kickboxing provided me with some experience in free weights. The rest I learned from blogs and a lot of research.

Although, i love the weight room, one of my best friends is a runner and because of her I had become fascinated with running as a sport. I never got the whole, “running for fun” thing, at least until now. In high school I hated running, I mean my mile in high school was over 30 minutes. Don’t Judge, I was a little, okay really slow but I would always finish and that’s all that matters. While at least that is what I use to tell myself, hehe! So, since my friend is long distance runner,r i thought I would give it a shot and train with her. After getting up to an 8 mile run, I GET IT NOW. Running is so freeing. It calms my mind and spirt, things slow down and I am able to get perspective on things.

As amazing as weight training and running are, I was still hungry for more of a challenge. So I had to try Insanity. How could I not give it a try, I mean, have you ever seen the infomercials? From the fit test to max interval plyo, I was addicted. I love the challenge that it brings and the fact that I can get both cardio and strength training done in 30-45 minutes.

As of today I am 125 pounds and 23% body fat and still working towards my gaol of 6 pack abs and 13% body fat. I have started drinking Shakeology again and I am going to start Insanity Asylum. I love helping and inspiring people. If you are interested in Shakeology or any of the other Beachbody products just click on the picture below. You can also follow me on Instagram or Facebookinstagram 14527-facebook-logo



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