Has it always tasted like this?

Before I began changing my lifestyle, I kid you not, my family and I would order Little Caesar pizza 3 times a week. I loved Little Caesar pizza, I could eat a whole large all by myself. This past Sunday at my in-laws house they ordered some Little Caesar pizza for the kids. I started to have an inner battle within myself. I wanted to eat pizza instead of the home made chicken. I was winning the battle, I served and ate a plate of chicken, but than as everyone was done eating there was still pizza left over. As my sister-in-law and I sat at the table talking, this pizza was calling my name. I couldn’t help it, so I inputed my food into MyFittness Pal and started calculating what everything would be if I had a slice of pizza.

I figured out that I would be okay if I ate half of a slice. I grab a slice of pizza and my eyes widen and my mouth water. I was so excited, UNTIL……..until I took a bit of the pizza and realized it tasted like old tomato sauce. It was like the pizza that my middle school cafeteria served, DISGUSTING! It was beyond gross, I had to spit it out it was so bad. It just goes to show that over time your mind and body will crave clean food. You will not miss the junk, okay, while maybe some of it, like cookies and ice creme. These I still have yet to conquer.


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