Beachbody 3 Day Refresh Results and Review


After my show I over indulged and needed a clean slate to get back into my training and nutrition. So, I opted to do the new 3 Day Refresh from Beachbody and I am so happy I did. I have tried a few cleanse before this one; the Dr Oz 3 day cleanse which was so disgusting, the regular shakeology 3 day cleanse that didn’t really fill me up and a detox tea that would leave me with really bad cramps and sitting on the toilet all day. The 3 Day Refresh was bar far the easiest and best tasting cleanse I have ever done.

The best times to do a cleanse are:

1. Getting over a #plateau
2. Taking control of your #nutrition
3.#Detoxing your body
4.Getting started on your #fitness journey
5.Needing more Energy

The cleanse consists of 4 packets and 2 small meals:

8-10oz od water
Breakfast: shakeology (Included with Purchase) with a seeing of fruit
Snack: Fiber Sweep packet (Included with Purchase)
Lunch: Vanilla Refresh Packet (Included with Purchase) with 1 serving of veggies and healthy fats
Snack: A serving of veggies and a serving of healthy fats
Dinner: Vanilla Refresh Packet (included in purchuse) and a Dinner recipe from the list provided

The 3 day Refresh Package includes:
*A list of fruits to choose from
*A list of veggies to choose from
*A list of healthy fats to choose from
*Seasoning options
*Multiple Dinner Recipe options
*3 packs Shakeology
*3 packets of Fiber Sweep
*6 packets of Vanilla Refresh

My husband and a client of mine joined me with the 3 day Refresh and we all lost about 4 pounds and 1% body fat in the 3 days.

Are only exercise was P90x3 workouts, so we only worked out for 30 minutes a day. The first day was a breeze, we felt great and had energy. The second day was a little harder, we all seemed a little drained and tired. But that is expect with any cleanse, your body is working over time to get rid of the toxins in your body. The third day we were all craving carbs and protein but we stuck with the plan. The morning once we were all done with the cleanse we all felt amazing!!!! Completely refreshed, de-bloated and are energy levels were off the chats. I highly recommend the 3 day Refresh.

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