Live a Life you Love!


#TBT have you ever really sat down, in silence, alone & reflected on your life?

I did some #reflecting this morning. Did you know that when my hubby & became adults we both work 9-5 banking jobs. They were jobs that are parents could be proud of. Jobs with the potential of growth in the company after years of employment. But we were NEVER TRULY HAPPY.
My husband has always had this passion for #music. It was in his soul. He is such a gifted person when it comes to music. It was truly his gift from #GOD to share with the #world. So after years of working at an 9-5 banking job. We decided that #HAPPINESS was more important #MONEY.
He has been living his dream & working as a full time Deejay with The company Freestyle Entertainment & Event Services. He has never been happier.

I left my 9-5 banking job after our first child was born. It was #financially better for us. I would have been working to merely pay for a sitter. Yes, at first we struggled financially, but our hearts were filled with so much happiness.
I gained 60lbs after having both my children. I didn’t really notice, I was so caught up in being a mom. But it was all part of GODs plan for me.
I never felt like I was given a gift from GOD. Being raised #Catholic I was taught that GOD gives everyone a special gift he wants them to share with the world, but all my life I felt I didn’t get a gift. Little did I know! I just wasn’t ready to revive it yet.

I had to go through the weight gain, the depression from the weight gain & the heart ache to find my gift. Now I get to live my life sharing it with you all. If you haven’t guessed it yet, it’s #fitness.
Point being, don’t allow fear of change hold you back from pursuing the Gift GOD gave you to share with the world. Because once you#LeGo & #letGOD life, your life, becomes a life worth living.😘

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