New Years Resolution Fitspiration


It’s New Years Eve, so I am taking today to reflect on my year and create my goals for 2014. 2013 was a GREAT year for me physically and mentally. I feel like I am finally becoming the person I have alway been meet to be. I feel like this was the year I found my life’s purpose. Its funny, because at the beginning of 2013 I remember telling my husband that I felt like I was meant to do something more than just be a stay at home mommy. Have you ever felt like that? Like you were meant to be more and do more. I wasn’t sure what it was I was going to do, but it didn’t matter. The Lord new exactly what it was and all I had to do was listen and follow the path he had laid out for me.

Back in 2012 I was on a mission to just drop a few LB’s and get back to my pre-baby weight and body. But my fitness determination and success in 2012 was just the beginning to my life today, in 2013. It was the stepping stone to my 2013 fitness coaching year. 2013 was about me finding myself and helping others reach their fitness goals. I was no longer alone on my journey to get fit. Which was amazing!

I became a beachbody coach this year and by becoming a coach it not only kept me accountable & pushed my in my training but it has challenged me as a person. I am now in better shape at the age of 27 than ever in my life. I was able to help so many people reach their fitness goals and change their lives. I am now able to provide for my family financially and we are no longer a single family income. But my favorite part of becoming a coach was growing and getting to know myself.

Within my team they teach there are 3 key components to success:

1. be a product of a product; so practice what you preach.
personal development; grow yourself with new knowledge everyday.
build relationships: connect and talk to new people everyday.

These key components have lead me to become more outgoing/sociable, yes, I used to be anti-social and hated to communicate with anyone for fear of being judged. I am now more motivated than ever to succeed in life physically, finically and spiritually. I have overcame my fears & doubts and I am now making the most out of every moment.

For 2013 year I had the following goals:

Complete Insanity-Asylum (CHECK)

Complete Beast Body (Still Pending)

Run and complete a Half Marathon (CHECK)

Have my sons run in a Kids Run (Still Pending)

Get Insanity Certified (CHECK)

Get certified as a Personal Trainer (Still Pending)

Looking back at my goals I feel like I didn’t really set my goals high, with the exception of my half marathon. I think this year I am really going to push myself and give myself some really extreme challenges. It is time I take my fitness to the NEXT LEVEL.

2012 was the year I got Thin:71445_475768799163644_1578884709_n 2013 was the Year I got FIT:2013

2014 will be the year I get RIPPED.

This year I am going to take my physique to the next level.

New Years Resolutions/Goals:

Create a Recipe ebook
Create fitness workout video for download
Become a certified nutritionalist
Become a certified trainer
Become certified in crossfit
Compete in a qualifying NPC show and place
Payoff my all debut
Become a 5 start beachbody coach
Take a trip to a place I have never be
Make time for myself once a month

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