2014 Accomplishments



My biggest accomplishment this year was reaching the goal body I set for myself back in 2011,  when I started my journey.

I remember posting this goal on my blog, what seems like so long ago. Back then it felt like a far-fetched dream. Although it was my goal to look like this girl, I remember while blogging I was thinking, its okay if I do not look exactly like her, I would settle for just fitting into my clothes. Once I finished that post I never really looked back at it or the picture. I just focused on living a healthy, happy  life that was full of faith.

They say if you want something to happen you should put it out into the world and the GOD/Universe will make it happen. It may not be the next day, but the GOD/Universe would eventually align all the elements to get you exactly what you want. Fear, however, keeps us from exposing our true feeling and dreams. I say, “Fear can suck it!!!!” Express yourself and your true desire, do not worry about what other think or have to say about you or your dreams. Remember, it is you who has to wake up to the life you created for yourself.

If you want something bad enough, put it out there. Tell someone, write it down, create a visual BUT MOST OF ALL believe that it is already your reality.

2014 has been my best year ever!!!! But that is only because 2015 hasn’t begun.

2015 is going to be EPIC and even better than 2014!!!


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