Fight Teen Obesity- Free Weight Loss Assistance for Teens

Meet Dominic, a 12-year-old who decided it was time to take control of his life & change it. Dominic came to me for help. He was unhappy, unhealthy & overweight. He showed such bravery to ask for help, courage to fight against all the junk food that was within his home & determination to succeed. I had to help him.

So at the beginning of his summer break before he entered High School we began his training. We meet daily for our training sessions. But I didn’t just want Dominic to lose the weight, I wanted to help restore his mind & soul, I knew there had to be a deep reason than just vanity to why he asked for help.

Each week we would meet for cooking sessions. After our cooking sessions we would sit down & answer a series of deep questions. It turned out he was being bullied at school. I was so heart broken!!!!

Dominic was the inspiration behind my company starting Teen Grind Academy. This academy is FREE & is designed to help children & their families take back control of their health.

Most people have a tendency to blame the parents of the unhealthy children. Although they do have a part in it, it is not entirely their fault. We live our lives through the traditions & heritage taught to us by our parents & their parents before them. As much as a parent would love to change the cycle they have been taught, CHANGE IS DIFFICULT!!!!

What is Teen Grind Academy

The Teen Grind Academy is a FREE 1 month program that will help teens

reach their fitness goals and teach them as well as their families about nutrition.


2 live training sessions a week, for 4 weeks
30 day at home training program to incorporate with the live training
14 day meal plan
Nutritional Education

You can read more about & register for it at

Stay Motivated,
Gymaholic Life


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