Trade in your Morning Cup of Joe

It may be time to trade in your morning cup of JOE for a hot cup of tea. There is noting wrong with drinking coffee, it just doesn’t have any benefits besides a caffeine/energy boost. You can get this same boost of energy in a cup of tea and so much more.  I love a good cup of tea! Oolong tea and it is bar far my favorite and beyond delicious and nutritious at the same time. I drink a hot cup of oolong with breakfast and right before I go to bed at night to relax.

Oonlong is a chines tea known as “black dragon.” This tea is minimally process and known to burn carbs for fuel and calm the nervous system, therefore, decreasing anxiety & over eating.

Benifits of oolong include:

Weight loss: Your metabolism is increased along with an increase of fating burning in the body. Ooolong helps block the absorption of fat into the intestines & you lose unwanted fat. Oolong only assist in the weight loss, you have to maintain a balanced diet & regular exercises to get its full weight loss benefits.

Blood Pressure: Two cups of Oolong has been known to help reduce the build-up of cholesterol and fat in the body, particularly in the midsection. Heck ya, I know I will take all the help I can get to get rid of my midsection.

Healthy Teeth & Skin: The high concentration of antioxidants called polyphenois in Oolong tea helps fight tooth decay and cavities, according to research conducted but the Department of Dentistry at Japan’s Osaka University, published in the medical journal “Caries Research.”

If that doesn’t convince you, what about improving your skin, reducing wrinkles, age spots or sallowness, Oolong can help you with this as well. The powerful antioxidants in Oolong help remove the harmful toxins in your body that damages your skin.

Energy: Why have a cup of Java/Joe when you can have a cup of Oolong tea. Lets be honest, we add so much sugar & creme to our cups of Java/Joe that we are really on a sugar high and it has nothing to do with the caffeine. This sugar high is the reason you are craving another cup of Java/Joe by lunch time. The caffeine in Oolong “facilitates thermogenesis, in other words, the burning of dietary carbohydrates for fuel.” (

De-Stressor:Drinking a cup of Oolong after a stressful day or event can decrease the urge to indulge in high calorie vices such as junk food, alcohol or even soda to make you feel better.

Oolong tea contains multiple vitamins & minerals such as vitamin A, calcium, potassium, selenium, fluorine, magnesium and phosphorus. “These specific nutrients help rid the body of harmful toxins, therefore detoxifying your body. It also improves your digestion and decreases your risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes.” (

What does your tea do for you?

Note: you can pick up a box of Oolong tea at

  • Trader Joe’s
  • Lassens
  • Any Health Food Store
  • Chinese Grocery Stores

I use to add one tbs of stevia to one cup of tea. Now I drink it plain.


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