Just a MOM with a Dream to get her NPC Pro Card

So today marks the start of my prep to my first ever NPC national qualifier bikini competition. I set a goal for myself 2 years ago to get my pro card by my 30th birthday. While this year I turn 29πŸ™ŠπŸ™ˆ So it’s about time that I buckle down & make my goal a reality. 

I plan on going through a 12 week prep withOUT a coach. I will create my own nutritional & training program. I may attend some posing seminars duwing the 12 weeks, just because I am not sure what the judges look for or how to move & flex fluidly. 

I competed last June in The Beachbody Classic & witj only a 5 week prep I placed in the top 10. I did NOT have a coach for this comp either. I created my own training & nutritional program & was able to shred to 15% body fat. 

My goal this time around is to come in with a fuller physique and more muscle mass. During winter I was lifting heavy & eating a lot more. I gained 16lbs from my stage weight. I’m not gonna lie this was a dirty bulk. I didn’t keep myself accountable for my bulk due ro building my GYM @TheGrindBodyshop. But it is what it is🍩😜 

Game Plan:

I will be checking in weekly with myself through my blog & social media post. Every Saturday I will post my progress photos, weight  & my emotional expierence for that week. 

My nutrition plan will be a combination of IIFYM & carb cyclying.

My Training program will be a shred program where I have medium weight with moderate to high reps.  Certain body parts where I need to still build some mass, I will continue with heavey weight low reps; shoulders & legs

I will go through the same peak week as last tome, but this time around I will take daily photos to monitor my bodies progress to see if I need to change my nutrition. 

So let the journey begin ☺️

Current Weight: 132.8

Current Body fat: 22.7%

Current muscle mass: 34.8%

Arms: L 11.5 unflexed R 11.25 unflexed

Waist: 27 livehandles 31.5

Legs: L 21 R 22


Its’s always hard to see yourself in photos. I am my worst critic & I am for sure not happy woth these results. But  that is one of the reasons I decided it was time for me to compete. It will hold me more accountable to get back to tracking my progress & reaching my goals. 

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