Journey to Becoming A Powerlifter

From Overweight to Bikini Competitor to Powerlifter

My journey has been long. Filled with failure, progress, tears, pain & success. When I began my journey to lose weight back in Sept. Of 2011 I would have never imagined my life as it is now. Fitness has transformed not only my body but my perspective on life. I used to be a very timid introvert who had no confidance or self love. Everyone one who has a successful fitness journey has their enough is enough moment. The moment where you can no longer accept or live they way you have been. The moment where you know that there is so much more to life than depression, eating and self hate. The moment that sets your mind into gear to start living differently, thinking differently and to work.

My breaking point; Everyone around me seemed to be losing weight and looking amazing. I admired and was envious of their confidence. My mom weight 129 pounds and fit in a size 4, my grandmother was 155 pounds and losing weight and my sister in law who has 6 kids was half my size. I was a size 14 XL and shopping in maternity sections to find clothes that were flattering to my body. Well, enough was enough! I woke up one morning on a mission. I was going to lose 20 pounds. There was no way my grandmother who was twice my age should look better than I did. Starting at 180 pounds, I took my photos and was so embarressed to even look at them. I held my head down in shame as my husband snap photo after photo. But at that moment I knew there was no going back. I didn’t know how i was going to do it, or how long it would take me, but I was done being overweight, uncomfortable in my own skin and depressed.

I began with an at home workout program because I was to embarrassed to go to a gym. Plus I had no idea what the heck I would do at the gym. That first day of my home workout program, turbo fire, was an eye opener. Unable to breath, trying to keep up seemed impossible and I was sweating that I had been in a dessert. It was so hard! Each day I woke up and made small changes to my nutrition and workout even if I felt stupid doing it. I started incorporating shakeology to my nutrition so I didn’t have to worry about my breakfast. But let me tell you, I was no chef and even going out to try and pick out healthier meals was horrible. The taste to me at that time was so disgusting, I would just shovel it down as fast as possible. Telling myself this is what I needed to go. As time passed I couldn’t take the horrible, repeditive tasting food anymore. So I set out on a mission to learn how to eat healthy foods that taste good.

It took my months of research and trial and error to start to understand nutrition. I no longer had to just eat chicken, brown rice and veggies all day long.  I taught myself about IIFYM (If it fits your macros) Before i new it 10 months had passed and I had lost 65 pounds. It felt amazing to not have to sit down and tuck my stomach into my jeans. To be able to run around with my two boys and not have to take a break from being winded. To go  out with my husband and have confidence and self love. Let me tell you, there is no greater feeling that the feeling of confidence.

After losing my weight I decided that I wanted 6 pack abs like the women I was pinning on my Pinterest inspiration boards. So in 8 months after losing my weight I built them. Who knew? From leaving the hospital after having my second son weighting 200 pounds April of 2011 to have a tight tummy with abs in June 2013. Sure it took time, but I never focused on the time it would take me. Instead I would take it day by day. After competing in the beachbody classic bikini competition, I was at my all time smallest weighing 115 pounds. But I still didn’t look like my inspiration. My abs where were I wanted them but the rest of my body was small and my muscles were not as defined as I wanted them. I was going to continue competing in bikini competitions, but I have decided to change courses.

Instead of a stage, I am going to be hitting the platform. I was introduced to the sport of powerlifting. By far my favorite style of training. My training has changed dramatically and so has my body. Lifting heavy is such an amazing high, you surprise yourself with the strength you didn’t realize you had and the ability to do things you never even thought about. I have only been powerlifting for 6 months, since November of 2015. But i have recently just entered my very first full powerlifting meet in my home town. I have decided to start writing about my experience as I did when I first began my journey.

As of Today this is where I stand.

Bench- 135lbs



My goal by the end of 2016:




First Video:

October 2015 250# deadliest attempt  ~vs~  May 2016 255# deadliest for a double

Second Video:

Late November 2015 215# squat attempt  ~vs~  May 2016 215# Squat

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