I guess if you are reading this you want to know a little about me, okay!

I am a 25-year-old who was blessed enough to meet the love of her life in high school. My hubby, Gabriel Garzaro, and I have been married for the last four years, happily married. A year and a half after marriage we were expecting our first baby boy, Sebastian Gianni Garzaro, this little guy was for 3lbs 10oz born at 31 weeks, I know right, super early, he wasn’t even fully cooked yet. But, Sebastian is a fighter and he knows what he wants., so even though we were not ready to meet him, he was ready to meet us. Let me tell you, if you are not a parent yet there is nothing like it, Sebastian took our breath away with his first breath. Life couldn’t get any better until a month before my Sebastian turned one we found out that we were expecting our second boy, Zavier AlecZander Garzaro. Zavier was born 5lbs 5oz @ 34 weeks, WHAT NOT AGAIN, another premature baby, OH BOY!, what was I going to do now. How was I going o take care of my one year old and visit my newborn in the hospital? I didn’t want my Sebastian to fill abandon and I didn’t want my Zavier to be without me. So needless to say there was a lot of sleepless nights. But even with all the labor pain, visits to the hospital and sleepless nights I wouldn’t trade my family for the world.

We are a middle class family just trying to live the American dream. We live in the suburbs of Bakersfield, CA and my husband works hard for the money, so hard for he money. OOPPSS, sorry kind of broke out into song there. My husband works while I stay at home with the kiddos and keep down the fort, I know right, so 1950’s housewife.  But let me tell you I wouldn’t have it any other way. Sure, my life sounds amazing, at least I think that’s what your thinking, anyways, it’s not. Our life isn’t rainbows and flowers, we struggle and stress out all the time. That’s okay though because GOD never gives you more than you can handle and we have experienced this first hand when my husband got let go from his job last year. I am so thankful and grateful to have such a hardworking, loving and just plain amazing husband.

Anyways, let me give you a little background on me. I am a mixed bread of mexican Puerto rican, which in other words means I have a love for fried food. Seriously, I could live off of enchiladas, rice and beans all day everyday. I am an only child that was born to a single teen mom but raised by an entire family that consisted of my grandma, grandpa, two aunts, an uncle and my mom. So dinners were never what you saw on movies, every adult in my family worked which left the teenagers caring for the little ones, little ones being me and my uncle. Ya, my uncle, he is only a year older than me. But anyways the only green I ever saw on my dinner plate was broccoli and that was next to enchiladas, rice and beans. YEP! I was destined to be a fatty from the beginning. But I think the worst part of being older and a fatty in my family is that they all still tell me I look good. WWWHHHAATT? Ya, well anyone can look amazing wearing a faja/girdle under their clothes, but that’s not what I wanted. I want to look good naked!  So this is where my journey as a former fatty begins.

Thanks for getting to know me. I hope you follow my process and we can become partners in this journey to changing my/our lifestyle.


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