Hosting A Free Event

family Workout Flyer

There are a few way you can run a Fit Club/Live Workout

You can either take out a TV and play a beachbody program so they can workout to or create a workout routine a be the instructor of the ;I’ve workout.

Live Workout:

Click here for an Agenda of a Live Workout

Click Image to see how I set up an event on Facebook.

Sample Flyer:FIT CLUB

Fit Club:

Click here for info on how to run a Fit Club using beachbody program as the workout program


Misc. Form You will need when hosting a Workout Event :

Guest Sign In Sheet
Coach Sign In Sheet
Liability Waiver

Shakeology Tasting:

A lot of coaches host what are beachbody calls” shake and share ” It is the typical presentation sit down and talk about how shakeology and beachbody programs have helped you. My team called our shake and share “Pink Physique Ambassadors Sunday Brunch.”

Sunday Bunches Consistent of:

Being hosted at a coaches home
decorated tables
Healthy foods
Shakeology tasting
Below is a picture of one of the first hosted Sunday Brunches. We covered tables with linen table clothes. We purchased plastic plates and silver wear that reusable real silverwear and we got small plastic wine glasses from the dollar tree. For table center pieces we had our Progress photos printed and framed. For food we made a healthy chicken salad. fresh home made sweet potato rolls, laid out fresh fruit and fruit infused water. We scheduled the Sunday Brunches once a month, every first Sunday of the month. Consistency is key!

Fit Club Objections

Liability Objection- The best to handle the liability objection is when you go to connect with locations about starting a Fit Club, having a copy of the Liability Form that protect Both Parties involved. You can find a copy of the liability form by “Clicking Here.

Money objection- A lot of locations think right off the bat that all you want to do is make money off of the fit club. This is not the case. While speaking with the other part who is thinking this is some network marketing ploy to make a bunch of money, BE SURE to tell them the ways it can benefit their location. Example- a church. It benefits the church because it is an outreach to the community to build attendance in turn building the tithing each week.

Rent or lease- If you approach a location and they start talking about renting or leasing a space for you. NO NO NO!! Stress to them that this is a FREE fit club for the community and the last thing you want to do is feel obligated to start charging people. Also you can STRESS to this person that what you are offering is FREE marketing for their location cause you never know WHO is going to walk through that door and require their services just because they come to Fit Club every week.

“I Can’t”- The “I CANT” objection is the most common because when people walk through the door and they well I can’t do this move and I can’t do that move. The best way to handle this is to look them in the eye and say let me help you so YOU CAN do it! C’mon let me show you!


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