How to Wash Smelly Gym/Workout Clothes

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Have you ever hit the gym or got dressed for your workout in freshly washed gym clothes and at the first sign of sweat you started to smell something funky? After a few minutes you realized that that funky stench was you. HAHA, it happens!

Most gym clothes are made out of Spandex and Lycra which are created to repel water, which is amazing for our workouts but not so great when it comes to washes the clothes . Our “apocrine glands are responsible for the smelly components of sweat, and bacteria that feed on the fatty secretions of these glands & add to the order problem,” according to Columbia University’s Health Center. So in order to get the order out of your gym clothes we need to break down the fatty deposits and kill the bacteria.

Here are some does and don’ts for washing your gym clothes:


*Wash your clothes with some white vinegar. There are a couple of methods when using vinegar.

-Method 1: Pre-soak workout clothes in 1 cup vinegar and cold water before washing. Let is sit for 15-30 minutes before washing.

-Method 2: Add a cup of vinegar to the machines rise cycle. If the funky smell is really bad do not be afraid to add two cups.

If the Vinegar dosent work you can also try:

* Baking Soda: add 1 cup of baking soda to the was cycle (Note:vinegar is better in the rise cycle, while baking soda is best used right up front in the wash cycle)

*Laundry Boosters: Try Borax or Charlie’s Soap in addition to your detergent.

*Specialty Detergents: You can try Tide Plus Febreze Sport, OdorXit, OrderKlenz or WIN

*Sunshine: Yep, good old sunshine is a great way to deodorize your clothes. turn your clothes inside out to prevent fading and to maximize deodorizing.


*Avoid fabric softener when washing gym clothes made of synthetic materials, it will leave behind coating that will prevent the clothes from getting fully clean.

*Use Less laundry detergent then you would normally. I know this seems odd but sometimes the detergent can cause build up on the clothes and cause a funky smell. So if you feel like this maybe the case, try throwing your clothes the washer without detergent. This should help rinse away any lingering excess detergent or fabric softener.

*Do not dry your workout clothes in high temps, it can cause smells to linger. instead stick to lower temps

Hope this helps.
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