Week Three


This week is about Building Your Own Meal Plan.

It’s A Number Game!

The last two weeks was a guid to show you that you can eat and still lose weight. This is a lifestyle, not a diet. Everyone enjoys different foods, so now its time for you to build your own meal plan with foods that you enjoy. Because endless you enjoy what you are doing, you wont stick to it.

To Do:

1. Watch the MyFitness Pal Set up video

2. Customize your MyFitness Pal app to the following for weight loss:

  • Calories 1300
  • Carbs 40%
  • Protein 40%
  • Fats 20%.
  • Sugars 35

3. MyFitness Pal Need to know:

Do not stress out if you do not hitting your calories and macros (proteins, carbs, fats and sugars) to a tee. Just try to get as close to the suggested numbers as possible. I recommend staying between 1200-1300, do not go under 1200 calories & try to stay within 5% of the suggested] macros under or over at most.
Anything and everything that enters your month must be imputed. Knowledge is Power. Even if you are not tracking it, your body is. So Don’t Be Lazy!
Enter your food the night before. Do not be afraid to play around with adding and subtracting foods to get you to your numbers.
Do not wait till the last-minute to enter your food when you are starving. This is a recipe for disaster.

4. Each night for the next two weeks you will be posting your end of day pie chart and nutritional details to the “Group Me” app under the your months nutritional group. This will allow me to help you make changes to your daily nutrition so that you can get the best results possible, as well as a better understanding for tracking your macros

my fitness pal 2my fitness pal 1

5. Below are some helpful guides to help you begin building your own meal plan.

6. If eating out at a restaurant I recommend knowing what you will be ordering before you arrive. Or request a nutritional menu, every food place has one but you have to ask for it. Do not even look at the menu, look at the nutritional menu and find something low in carbs, sodium and sugar.



Nutritiona Guidimage copy

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